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About Us

Welcome to our new web site. We are just beginning to add inventory on this new site. We, at Olde Chicago, are direct importers and exporters of decorative authentic Antiques from around the world. We have been wholesaling Antiques for almost 40 years. We ship container loads from 11 countries in Europe and also send containers of Antiques back to Europe. Please be patient with us as we start to load some of our thousands of pieces as  quickly as possible onto the new site. We hope that you find the items and prices interesting.

We sell most of our merchandise to Antique dealers and Auction houses. We try to price our merchandise so that our clients can  earn  a fair profit on the pieces.  Some earn as much as 300-500% regularly on their purchases.

Should you want to ask some questions about shipping any of the items, just send us an email and we will do our best to help.

Or you can visit our 12,000 foot warehouse in Chicago to have a look at our current inventory. Our hours of business are on the contact page on this site.

Regards, Joe Partipilo


Chicago Magazine called us the “BEST OF THE BEST”.