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Shipping Your Purchases

Should you need help in shipping an item from Olde Chicago Antiques, we can assist you .

We have regular pick up from U.P.S. almost daily. Therefore any smaller items can be expertly packaged and sent to you very quickly.

For large items we generally use ‘Rick Ships’ . Rick Ships is a trustworthy and properly priced  shipper.You can contact them direct at;

Phone # 336-887-0065 , or on line at;  info@rickships.com  for a free quote.

Another shipping option is; ‘Antique Transport’. They are also reliable, and properly priced.

You can reach them at; antiquetransport@cs.com


Of course, local deliveries are available by our company movers, and you can also pick up here at Olde Chicago in your own vehicle or with any mover that you may desire.

Additional Shippers

Shipping for Smalls
Navis Pack & Ship Center
(P) 630-663-1310
(F) 630-491-1939 IL1043@gonavis.com

UPS Store #5608
(P) 312-226-8700


UPS Store #3878
(P) 312-372-2727
Small Deliveries

Moving/Trucking Options in Chicago

Distinctive Deliveries (Dean Bessner)
(P) 773-799-6567
info@distinctivedeliveries.com deanbessner@att.net


Bernard Movers
(P) 773-883-0780



Moving/Crating Options for National/International Shipping

Craters & Freighters
(P) 815-609-7201
ICON Group
(P) 773-533-1800

Plycon Van Lines
(P) 708-339-8805

Dixon Art Services
(P) 314-409-9911
(P) 973-677-4146

By suggesting these shippers, OLDE CHICAGO ANTIQUES assumes no responsibility whatsoever.

Under no circumstances is OLDE CHICAGO ANTIQUES liable for any loss or damage to your property once it has been released to your chosen shipper.